CCIM Breakfast Club: so much more than breakfast!

Whether we have a huge showing or a small turn out, our chapter’s open Breakfast Club Meetings are always great opportunities to learn something relevant to commercial real estate and to network with professionals in our industry.

Most recently, our meeting was representative of the professional diversity attracted to the CCIM designation, curriculum and professionals, including property owners, developers, appraisers, leasing agents, sales brokers and a mortgage broker.

Together we discussed regional mixed use development, the potential of a multifamily housing bubble bursting, apartment rent and amenity trends. Additionally, we discussed generational and tax implications relating to real estate at certain points in the owner’s lifetime.

I have always tried to insure that our chapter be committed to excellence and to offering opportunities that you can’t afford to miss! These Breakfast Club Meetings have always had a special place in my presidency of our PA/NJ/DE CCIM Chapter as a worthwhile investment of time with colleagues to connect and discuss issues impacting our businesses, our careers and our personal lives.

Please join me for our next Breakfast Club Meeting – they’re open to everyone and the schedule is posted on our web site:

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

-Jeff Hoffman, CCIM
PA/NJ/DE CCIM Chapter President 2016-2018