While the exact requirements vary among different membership types, there are certain commonalities among them all. Every candidate for the CCIM designation is required to complete an Education Component, pass the Comprehensive Exam, complete a membership application and pay annual dues. All candidates except Fast Track members will also have to submit a Portfolio of Qualifying Experience for review.

Education Component is comprised of the following course curriculum:

Candidate’s membership type may determine how many education requirements will be required. Consider the various membership types offered by the CCIM Institute to see which will best match your specific requirements at:

Portfolio of Qualifying Experience

To demonstrate experience in commercial real estate, CCIM designation candidates must submit a portfolio of qualifying activities, transactions, projects, or work products. This portfolio can take one of three forms, depending on your level of experience and the type of work that will be included. Transactional portfolios must meet the following minimum volume requirements:

  • Three (3) or more qualifying activities totaling $30 million or more; or
  • Exactly ten (10) qualifying activities totaling $10 million or more; or
  • Twenty (20) qualifying activities with no dollar volume requirement

Learn more about the portfolio requirements and download the materials at:

Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Exam is a full-day exam testing your mastery of the concepts introduced in the core CCIM courses. It’s preceded by the two-day Course Concepts Review, allowing designation candidates the opportunity to review the key topics that will be covered on the exam.

Learn more about the Comprehensive Exam and Course Concepts Review at:

Membership Benefits…

Membership Benefits of the CCIM Designation are limitless (a partial list can be found online here): they include networking and educational opportunities along with world-class tools like DealShare, Google G Suite, MailBridge, Excel Templates, Affinity Benefit Program, a subscription to Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine and access to The Site to do Business Online ( which is comprehensive site evaluation and selection software including data from ArcGIS, ESRI and others:

We know this process can be intimidating, and the PA/NJ/DE CCIM Chapter has designees and resources available to help you achieve the CCIM Designation. Please contact our Chapter’s Executive Director for any assistance: 

PA/NJ/DE CCIM Chapter Executive Director
Harry YoungHarry Young | Executive Director
500 North 12th Street, Suite 110
Lemoyne, PA 17043
(717) 614-4271
[email protected]